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Agricultural Outreach Coordinator
The Agricultural Outreach Coordinator is a position within the Land Preservation Department responsible for interacting with stakeholders to advance the mission of the Trust. This position reports to the Deputy Director.

The Agricultural Outreach Coordinator must be philosophically committed to the mission and vision of Lancaster Farmland Trust and possess a working knowledge of the agricultural industry in Lancaster County. The Coordinator is responsible for establishing relationships with a variety of stakeholders including farmers, municipal officials, and state and federal officials which results in advancement in soil and water conservation practices, better environmental stewardship and water quality improvements.

The Coordinator serves as a liaison to farmers - especially those within the Plain Sect community - municipal officials, other conservation organizations, state and federal agencies and the private agricultural sector. The Coordinator is responsible for administering grants associated with these activities. The Coordinator must possess or be willing to acquire certification to write agricultural erosion and sedimentation, conservation and manure/nutrient management plans.

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